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Oreceipt is the next generation bill management system designed for B2B transactions. It is based on XML and web services model. It is designed ground up for Inter business application integration and automation that increases efficiencies and lowers total cost of transactions for both buyers as well as sellers.

Oreceipt Pravaas, which is customized for Travel Agencies, allows you to keep track of your invoices from Adelman Travel Group, organize them in folders of your choice, print your invoices anytime you desire, forward individual or groups of invoices by email, or access your data directly in an XML format.

For complete data integration services we offer Oreceipt professional services through Oreceipt.com.

With Oreceipt you are able to:

Oreceipt is a complete solution between buyers and sellers. Your sales organization would also be able to leverage this solution to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. With Oreceipt, your sales organization will be able to

Oreceipt is an advanced XML based solution which comes with variety of capabilities

For more information regarding Oreceipt Pravaas or Oreceipt professional services please contact adelman@adelmanmail.com.